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My name is Elizabeth Horne and I am passionate about the science of sleep! I am absolutely obsessed with mind/body medicine - as in the our power to heal ourselves.  I am also obsessed with the power of sleep and am currently studying Naturopathy and the role of nutritional medicine (diet) and correct breathing to eradicate sleep hindrances and promote health of the mind and body. My commitment and belief that quality sleep protects us from most major illnesses has been built through study, observation and following the teachings of renowned sleep experts worldwide. The products I promote are designed to support your quest for quality sleep and I personally provide 7 day support should you need it.

The anti-snore guards are a very successful product but I don't believe in telling you the device will work for you if I'm not completely sure it will. But I do take my role seriously and often provide alternative suggestions for customers. It's great to see I have a really high returning customer base and I never tire of hearing from people when a 'friend or their doctor has sent them'!

Thanks for reading - I hope I can help you!  I'd love you to join me for my regular updates on cutting edge snoring and sleep disorder treatments on

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