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Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers


Although it is the best position to prevent snoring, side sleeping places a lot of pressure on your lower back, hip and knee joints often causing pain.  

Our knee pillows provide excellent support and can significantly improve spinal alignment, helping to relieve back, hip, leg, knee, arthritis and sciatica pain, as well as improving blood circulation in both legs.

Made of 100% high-quality durable cut memory foam with an elastic band design, to ensure you maintain the best sleep posture all night, with the least disruption to your sleep when turning over.  With an ergonomic design, it fits men and women of all sizes comfortably.  Vented air holes and a hollow middle ensure you will not overheat.

Please note I do currently import these, simply because they are not yet manufactured in Australia in this design.  If they prove popular I will source a local manufacturer.

Shipping is approximately 20 business days at present due to flight restrictions and customs.

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