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Recommended reading!

Sleep Interrupted by Steven Y Park MD

Accidentally Overweight by Dr Libby Weaver

Tired But Wired by Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Sweet Poison Bible by David Gillespie

The Sleep Diet by Dr Carmel Harrington **

The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr Mark Hyman **

Sleep Facts & Tips

  • People with poor sleep are at least four times more likely to have a motor vehicle accident than others.

  • Sleep/breathing issues are more common in men than women although after menopause more women are at risk.

  • Lack of sleep is associated with having more fatty tissue around the neck.

  • Sleep/breathing issues are also associated with genetically narrower airways or particular facial structures (underbites etc).

  • Pills, sprays, nose clips etc cannot assist sleep/breathing issues as they are caused by collapsing airways.

  • Things to try to avoid  : alcohol, sleeping pills, large meals late at night.  In short anything that will further relax the muscles of the throat or disrupt sleeping patterns.

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