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Why is my company unique?  For over 15 years I have provided genuine 7 day help for my customers!  Great for travel as a portable option!

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Will it work for you?  Try this simple test...first lie down on your back and make a snoring noise - ensuring you are 'snoring' through the mouth rather than snorting through the nose...then....... move your lower jaw slightly forward and now try to make a snoring noise again. You should either not be able to make the noise or you would find it greatly reduced.  Try again with the jaw a little further forward and you should hear (and feel) a marked improvement.

This device is entered as a Class 1 Medical Device under number ARTG#115164 on 13/4/2004.

Weight problems?

This informative book by Dr Carmel Harrington sums up all the facts on how snoring and sleep deprivation interferes with weight loss goals. In fact sleep issues are a leading cause of many health issues.   Click here to read how even Weight Watchers recognises the importance of treating snoring and ensuring you get great sleep as an integral part of the weight loss formula! 

A Mandibular Advancement Device (or splint) is quite simply a mouthguard that is worn during sleep to hold the lower jaw very slightly forward and stable.  The act of moving the lower jaw slightly forward actually moves the tongue muscle forward also and this simple mechanical principle prevents the tongue from dropping back to block or vibrate on the airways.

MADs have been custom fitted for decades by dentists and some sleep clinics at great expense. The difference with this device is the fact that they are manufactured from a  BPA-free thermoplastic which you mold yourself by following simple, precise instructions.

MAD's are suitable for most of the population, though do contact me first if you feel you have a pronounced overbite, underbite, quite a few teeth missing or something a little different about your bite than the average population. MADs are suitable for use with secure dentures too! If I feel the device is not suitable I will let you know as I don't believe in giving false hope.  Please note I am not able to offer the guarantee to people for undisclosed issues which make the results variable.

Other snoring treatments

Our most popular product is the Mandibular Splint as they are recognised worldwide as a suitable and effective treatment for snoring for most people. However occasionally they will not be suitable for some people due to gum disease, lack of enough teeth for a good molding, extreme gag reflex or loose dentures.

Please click the photo  below to read about how our simple chinstraps can assist you to still wear the Mandibular Splint.

Kicked out of the tent for snoring? 


The mouthguards are a great treatment during camping, flying and as a backup in places of uncertain power supply. 
They may also assist during napping/resting during long distance driving to ensure adequate rest and your safety.



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Great for camping, flying, caravans, and travel to places with uncertain power supplies.

5 Surprising Great Side Effects of Treatment!

  • Snoring interferes with correct hormonal functions. If you snore you may produce excess cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone can promote excess visceral (belly) fat around internal organs and makes it very difficult to regulate your metabolism and therefore your weight.  Poor sleep (in either the snorer or long suffering partner) means lower levels of leptin and higher levels of ghrelin which promote hunger - in  particular for carbs and simple sugars.​  So ensuring you have better quality sleep stabilises your hunger and satiety hormones and regulates your metabolism - and will give you the best possible chance of losing weight!

  • The University of Chicago found that sleeping less than 6 hours per night causes a 40% drop in insulin sensitivity, leading to a greater risk of related illnesses.  Better sleep reduces these percentages.

  • Long term sleep deprivation for the snorer or their partner can lead to mood disorders and ironically, chronic insomnia through long term disrupted sleep patterns.  Many people are treated for the 'side effect' of poor sleep - rather than for poor sleep itself!  Fix your snoring and people are happier - they tell me so every day!

  • Snoring may cause circulatory disorders, but great sleep helps to protect your heart.

  • ​Many women commence snoring around menopause. Many people believe menopausal women put on weight simply as a result of that stage of life.  However given around 60% of peri and post menopausal women have poor quality sleep, experts now attribute a large proportion of the incidence of belly fat to sleep deprivation from night sweats, insomnia and snoring. So treating the causes may protect you from significant weight gain or indeed help you actually lose weight.

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Simple to fit and discreet to use.​

17 seconds in recently boiled water gives you the optimum moldability to achieve best fit and comfort.  Some products claim to work with no fitting but if this were true, then dentists and sleep apnoea clinics would be selling that type of product!  A correct impression and molding to your mouth is imperative to accomodate the slight variations of 'bite' from person to person. I am happy to chat and assist with any molding issues 7 days a week.  Try it now - drop me a line on the contact form below! Or click Questions for more info!

My name is Elizabeth Horne and I love educating people about snoring, sleep deprivation and the effects on your health. I find when customers make a truly informed decision about treatment options, they are committed to the process and achieve life changing success almost immediately.

This is my company's unique difference. That, and the fact that I respond personally to customers 7 days a week from 8am-6pm(EST). I recognise it's not always possible to discuss your snoring issue discreetly during work hours, so I'm happy to help out at other times.



Hello Liz I just wanted to tell you that after keeping the mouth guard in the drawer for a couple of months, I finally got it out just before Christmas and have been using it ever since: I am so happy with it and it has stopped my snoring, according to my husband! So thank you again for a great device and such a simple solution!
P : Occupational Medical Coordinator


"...Hi Liz, the device arrived via Express Post on Tuesday (as promised). I followed the instructions and am really pleased with the results. I made sure I have stopped snoring by recording my last three night’s sleep. I needed to make a slight adjustment to the device last night which has stopped any noises coming from the wild animal! Best of luck with your business and thank you for having such a wonderfully honest website and extremely useful information. Thank you for providing such a simple, yet so effective solution to snoring. I look forward to many peaceful night’s sleep!" John

How do I know if I have molded my snore guard correctly?


During molding the guard shrinks or expands to fit all size mouths.  It will take on more of a transparent quality and will clearly bear the imprint of individual teeth. 

Around 90% of people mold it satisfactorily the first time and around 10% of people need to refer to the simple tightening tips that accompany your shipping notifications after purchase.

"... It works ....thankyou.  My husband had it on last night, fell asleep, and for the first time in 50 years didn't snore.  Thank you so much! Joan"  

"... Dear Liz, I can't and more importantly my husband can't thank you enough for this device.  Have not snored since my first night of using it, in fact m y husband woke me up last night as it had fallen out of my mouth & I was snoring once again but as soon as I popped it back in there was silence!!!  Many thanks to you, with love from J"

Snoring Is A Leading Cause Of Divorce
Snoring is the #1 medical reason people seek divorce and the #3 reason overall. This sums up perfectly why I love my business! My product helped my own family SO much to regain sleep, health and a happier relationship, that I wanted to roll it out to the world. And now I wake to wonderful letters of thanks every day from people who are sharing beds again after years, having energy to exercise and who aren't afraid to travel - or even stay in a simple caravan!

Click to listen to my interview about how our device works.

I field calls from both husbands and wives who are absolutely exhausted and simply desperate to find treatment for their partner.  Thankfully most partners are all too happy to comply with some form of treatment as they see the effect not only on their relationship, but are also quite shocked when I explain that 'secondary snoring' causes their bed partner to lose at least 1.5 hours of sleep a night.  This deficit can cause some similar health issues to that of the snorer themselves.    Occasionally I receive a call from a snorer who has been pushed into making the call.  They don't believe they have a problem, perhaps because their father also snored all his life and they had simply watched their mother put up with it.  It wasn't that long ago that people with sleep/breathing issues were vastly undiagnosed.  Please urge your loved ones to seek treatment - for your sake as well as their own!

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