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My name is Elizabeth Horne and I love educating people about snoring, sleep deprivation and the effects on your health. I find when customers make a truly informed decision about treatment options, they are committed to the process and achieve life changing success almost immediately. ​

The unique difference my small business offers is that I respond personally to customer enquiries 7 days a week from 8am-6pm(EST). I recognise it's not always possible to discuss your snoring issue discreetly during work hours, so I'm happy to help out at other times.  I have kept my company purposely small and only sell online and through a select few sleep apnoea outlets.  This ensures low overheads and personalised service, unlike when purchasing from a pharmacy.

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​Welcome to SnoreAssist  
We are the only Aussie made anti-snore guard company with personal 7 day assistance (by phone or Zoom) and a 100% guarantee if I cannot help you.  25,000+ Aussies and Kiwis love us and tell us so every day!  Try us now.
Our mandibular advancement splint holds the lower jaw gently forward when reclining to ensure the tongue stays clear of the airway.  Over 50,000 happy customers over 17+years.  Our anti-snore guard fits your individual jawline and is remouldable to ensure a good fit.
  • Fully guaranteed if I cannot help you!

  • Australia's original anti-snore guard

  • 7 day personal support

  • Works instantly once moulded

  • BPA Free

  • Discreet and portable

  • Ensures you have portable snoring treatment in areas of uncertain power supply if you use a CPAP machine

  • Affordable

  • Moulds to the shape of your jawline in under a minute

  • Fully adjustable to suit all sizes

  • Latex-free, made of flexible silicone

  • Fully Australian small business for over 14 years - owner operated

  • Sold in sleep clinics

  • Awesome for camping, flying and staying away from home

  • Free express trackable delivery to Australia and New Zealand

This device is entered as a Class 1 Medical Device under number ARTG#115164 on 13/4/2004.

For a limited time - our special trial offer is $67 for two guards incl express trackable delivery!



Listen to audio interview explaining how mandibular advancement therapy works.

"Best of luck with your business and thank you for having such a wonderfully honest website and extremely useful information. I followed the instructions and am absolutely astounded with how easily the device works. I made sure this was the case by recording my last three night’s sleep. I decided to make a slight adjustment to the device last night which stopped any noises coming from the wild animal(!)  Thank you for providing such a simple, yet so great of a solution to snoring." John

will this work for me?

Our simple mouthguard works for most people but there is of course a minority who won't find it suitable - and I'm honest enough to tell you!

Snoring and your health

Our Snoring is no laughing matter though the poor sufferer is the butt of many jokes.  Snoring and OSA are implicated in heart disease, loss of libido, weight gain, mood disorders, diabetes and of course the partner may suffer these issues too due to sleep deprivation.  Read more here.

What if my snoring doesn't bother me?

I field calls from both husbands and wives who are absolutely exhausted and simply desperate to find treatment for their partner.  Thankfully most partners are all too happy to comply with some form of treatment as they see the effect not only on their relationship, but are also quite shocked when I explain that 'secondary snoring' causes their bed partner to lose at least 1.5 hours of sleep a night.  This deficit can cause some similar health issues to that of the snorer themselves.    Occasionally I receive a call from a snorer who has been pushed into making the call.  They don't believe they have a problem, perhaps because their father also snored all his life and they had simply watched their mother put up with it.  It wasn't that long ago that people with sleep/breathing issues were vastly undiagnosed.  Please urge your loved ones to seek treatment - for your sake as well as their own!

Snoring is the #1 medical reason people seek divorce and the #3 reason overall. This sums up perfectly why I love my business! My product helped my own family SO much to regain sleep and health that I wanted to roll it out to the world. And now I wake to wonderful letters of thanks every day from people who are sharing beds again after years, having energy to exercise and who aren't afraid to travel - or even stay in a simple caravan!

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