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How is snoring caused?

Snoring is caused when the tongue drops to the back of the airways and vibrates against the soft tissue.  Most snoring is age related due to the throat muscles losing tone, but narrower airways or broader tongues can contribute as well as other factors such as injury.


​Can I use this device to treat serious sleep conditions?

If you suspect you may have a more serious sleep condition please do not rely on self treatment. It is important that you contact your GP for assessment by a sleep clinic who can determine if a Mandibular Advancement Device is suitable for you. Please bookmark us until then! Please note some customers have advised certain sleep clinics do offer home testing kits for so once again please seek your GP's help in locating a suitable clinic. Mandibular Advancement Devices are a respected treatment for sleep/breathing issues but only under strict medical supervision. Please contact me if in doubt for advice.

What does the guarantee cover?

​In short - we want this product to work for you but we also value our reputation! If at first the device does not reduce your snoring significantly, or at all, please contact us as generally some slight personalised modifications will get you up and running. If we find we cannot help you, which is rare, you are entitled to a full refund. Most people are very honourable and loyal once they realise how the device can help them. Naturally we are also running a business, so if you have any major concerns about whether the device will work for you I do encourage you to contact us prior to purchasing the device. This will save time, money and some wastage of our planet's resources! If I feel this device is not suitable for you for any reason we will not attempt to sell to you but we may be able to offer some other recommendations for you to pursue.  Please do NOT purchase for your partner without checking with them first.  This product is a health product and cannot be legally resold even if in original packaging, therefore I cannot offer refunds on change of mind if your partner does not wish to use the product when purchased.

Can you use the Mandibular Splint with dentures, missing teeth, TMJ or strong gag reflex? 

There are a few variables and situations to consider here so please contact me if your question isn't covered below: Single snug fitting dentures or partial plates are generally fine IF you can wear them to sleep. Double dentures or very loosing fitting single dentures generally are not successful without also using the simple chinstrap below. If you have quite a few missing teeth in a row your mouthguard may not be successful without using the simple chinstrap below. If you have very loose teeth or overly sensitive teeth or TMJ issues you will definitely find the chinstrap of some benefit on it's own. You do need to be able to wear dentures/plates to sleep and they do need to be snug. If you can eat something quite firm without them shifting you should be just fine. Also, if your gums become irritated with the dentures in, they may well become more irritated once the pressure of a mouthpiece is introduced. But overall, many people cope well. If you have loose dentures you should still be able to use the device in conjunction with our simple chinstrap to hold your jaw stable. We offer the chinstrap at a discounted rate. You can purchase that here. People with double dentures will NOT be successful with the mouthguard alone and will need to also purchase the chinstrap which will give you many years of careful use. Please note the ideal is to wear the mouthguard WITH the chinstrap to hold the lower jaw closed. This is generally very successful and means that mandibular therapy is still viable for people in this situation. If you have only one set of dentures at the top you may cope OK with the guard alone (if the denture is snug) or you may wish to still purchase the chinstrap for added security. If you are unable to wear your denture to sleep in, or have quite a few missing teeth in a row, you may find the chinstrap of benefit on it's own. It will not give as high a degree of satisfaction for snoring as the mouthguard does, but it will still help to some degree and is definitely worth using to protect your health from the risks associated with snoring for both you and your partner. Many customers in this situation report that whilst there is still some low level snoring it has become more tolerable for their partners. One chinstrap will last you years....please simply choose the correct sizing option here. Hyper sensitive gag reflex : Occasionally someone will report they cannot even successfully brush their own back teeth with a toothbrush, so in this case a mandibular splint may not be for you in it's current form. Though some people have great success by simply trimming slightly the two 'ends' of the device. After trimming you may find you don't have the same 'grip' due to reduced surface area of the guard, though with the chinstrap you should still have success as it holds the jaw and therefore the guard, firmly in place. If you still believe you are a good candidate for a mandibular splint - click here to return to the home page to read about it further. Or if you need to contact me my details are


I know I may have a slight molding issue as I have a very pronounced overbite, underbite or missing teeth but really need an affordable treatment solution?

Yes you should still be fine to use the device, however you will find moulding a little trickier. We have great success with customers using the device in conjunction with a simple chinstrap (above) which we stock. The chinstrap is designed to hold the lower jaw closed when customers have any of the above issues.

How often do I mold it?

Generally just the once before you use it the first time. Just ensure you read the instructions very carefully before you commence. It is possible to remould each device up to around 3 times each for adjustments if you are careful however simple retightening does not require the complete immersion of the device - please contact me for assistance if you grind your teeth heavily and find your device has loosened.


How quickly does it stop snoring?

It should stop when you insert it. You should either have total or very greatly reduced snoring. As the device wears out and loosens over time, particularly if you grind your teeth heavily, you may find you need to retighten it.  These instructions are emailed to you at the time of purchase.

Does it hurt?

Some people experience mild jaw discomfort for a couple of nights until they are used to it. Generally the level of discomfort does not prevent or deter the user once they experience the snoring relief it provides. If you are suffering great discomfort when you're using it, please stop and call me as that would indicate it has not been moulded quite correctly.

Can I choke or will it fall out?

Generally speaking the device should not fall out. If it does, it generally means you are either a very wide open mouth breather or more commonly, you are simply taking it out while you sleep during the initial few days of getting used to the device. Occasionally some customers do need to also use a chin strap if they sleep with their mouth wide open to ensure the device does not fall out. This would happen even with the expensive dental variety. Can you choke? No - unless you are using a very old device and you happen to grind your teeth very hard every night and manage to chew through the material. Rest assured we would not be selling them if we thought this would happen!

Will it feel strange in my mouth?

Naturally you will need to get used to the sensation of having something in your mouth while you are sleeping – most people find they are comfortable with it within a few nights.

How do I breathe through my mouth?

The device has a breathing hole at the front for this. The only time this may not be sufficient is if you are extremely congested with a cold. It is possible to enlarge the breathing hole if you feel it is not sufficient for your needs though most people are quite comfortable with it.

How can I mold it tighter as I like to sleep with my mouth wide open and need to keep it closed?

After the initial moulding (as per the accompanying instructions), re-boil your kettle and sit the device on the table the 'right side' up - as if it was in your mouth. Pop the paddle into it. Then what you will do is simply dunk into the recently boiled water to a depth of only about 2 millimetres the 'bottom' of the device as it was when sitting on table. Which is simply the channels into which the lower teeth would fit. You'll need to hold it horizontally and since you're not doing a complete remould probably just about 10-12 seconds will do as you are simply then going to carefully 'pinch' together the channel a fraction just with your fingers so that when you put it in you'll have to ever so slightly push your teeth into the channel. Then flip it over and do the same on the 'top' side. We're aiming to get it sitting as tightly on your teeth top and bottom as we can, without disturbing the overall mould.  Don't forget to run it under cold water each time to 'set' the thermoplastic.  Concentrate on 'pinching' the front and 'near front' sides of the lower channel - you'll need to leave plenty of room towards the 'ends' of the device to accommodate your molars.


We provide a full 30 day money back guarantee if after having worked closely with me the snoring does not cease. But to be fair, if you don't have complete success the first time you use this device please refer to the tightness test and tips in the original shipping email.

Most people are up and running quickly, but we do need to take into account that mouths come in all shapes and sizes and occasionally a first time user simply needs a little help! 


If you have any reason to doubt your suitability please be fair and call me first.  I seek to keep my prices down whilst offering personal 7 day support and I love helping to treat people committed to finding a solution to their snoring issues.​

If you are purchasing on behalf of your partner, please ensure they are committed to the process and happy to utilise this reliable proven treatment!  This product is a health product and cannot be legally resold even if in original packaging, therefore I cannot offer refunds on change of mind if your partner does not wish to use the product when purchased.


Please note if you suspect you have a serious sleep disorder do not purchase without consulting me.  I cannot offer a guarantee in this situation and will be honest if I feel the product will not help.

Please ensure you view the product and understand you are purchasing a self mould mouthguard with a breathing hole in front.

Please note I do not refund for change of mind or non-disclosure of any issue mentioned above that may make you unsuitable.

I work extremely hard 7 days a week and since this product cannot be resold I do not provide refunds for change of mind.  Please ensure you read and view all information clearly.  Moulded correctly these devices are a proven and effective treatment for snoring.

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