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From Richard.... Hello Liz...after being quoted $1000 from a local snoring clinic for fitting of a similar device to that provided by you, I saw an ad for your product, at just a fraction of the cost, in an old magazine in the waiting room of a surgery. As I have not slept without waking up on average of four times a night for over 30 years, I decided to give your device a try despite the huge difference in price. On the very first night I slept continuously throughout the night and have continued to sleep peacefully ever since. I would therefore like to thank you for your product and excellent after sales service. With thanks, Richard.

Curt says.... Your parcel arrived yesterday as advised. I read the instructions & molded the 1st. MAD perfectly. ....Only one night with the device, but absolutely no irritation to mouth / gums & it is really working. I wish to thank you for your prompt reply to my placed order.​

To answer your one query, I found your website while researching "boil & bite" devices on the GOOGLE search engine. Your very comprehensive website contained all info that any potential customer could ask for & your personal offers of after sales support & help makes your product advertising stand out from the crowd. After only the one night of use, I am sure I will wear the MAD faithfully. I will not hesitate to recommend your product & website to all my friends & associates.​

Best wishes & continued success in your business."

John says.... Hi Liz, the device arrived via Express Post on Tuesday (as promised).

I followed the instructions and am very happy with the ease of the device. My snoring has stopped! I made sure this was the case by recording my last three night’s sleep. I decided to make a slight adjustment to the device last night which stopped any noises coming from the wild animal.

Thank you for providing such a simple, yet so effective solution to snoring. And to think it only costs $33.50 per device is amazing.  I look forward to many peaceful night’s sleep!

Sarah says.... Hi Liz, I’m not sure if you remember me from a few weeks ago but I realised I hadn’t said thank you! This worked! There were a few snores when he first fell asleep but then nothing! I am so surprised that something as simple as that made a difference. He is still getting used to it and said it was a little uncomfortable the first few nights but I am amazed at the difference it made. We’re using a nose-strip to open up his nose as well because he has had a bit of a runny nose and I didn’t hear a peep out of him the second night. More than anything though, I want to thank you for your service. I couldn’t have asked for a more personal or friendly service. You were happy to answer all of my questions and got back to me very quickly. Also, I couldn’t believe that when I ordered it at 4pm, I had it the next day! Thank you again, you have truly made a difference in our lives!

"...Another awesome day. Slept in REALLY REALLY late (which never happens lately).  Thanks to my new anti snoring device. I purchased it from the website (they are also on Facebook, which is where I saw their ad) and it works wonderfully. I moulded it and it worked fairly well one the first night but I was not happy with the fit so I re-moulded it and it works all night now without falling out of my mouth. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO EXACTLY AS THEY SAY, also you get two of them for under $70. Nigel thinks it is wonderful too as I now don't snore at all and he gets an uninterrupted night sleep without me chain-sawing tonnes of wood beside him in bed yayyyy.

Now my friends, if you are going to buy this product please be aware that it is true in the products blurb that you will get a slight feeling of jaw ache and a slight feeling of pressure ache on your teeth but that does not last long at all ( a week approx) as it puts your bottom jaw in a forward position (and I have slightly buck teeth and it still worked for me). I can honestly say I was dubious if it would work but I had to try something or Nigel was never going to get sleep while sharing a bed with me. Now I wake up refreshed and so does he. If you snore please give this a try. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks so much Elizabeth, this is a God send."

Suzie says..... Hi Liz, I just wanted to give some feedback on your stop snoring mouthpiece. I bought it a while back and hadn't committed to using it until recently. I decided I HAD to start using it as I was so tired ALL the time. I couldn't commit to daily outings as I did not know if I would be able to last the distance (I am only 35). I work half days and would go home to sleep before picking up my daughter from school. I never got to enjoy my down time cos I was always sleeping. My only two relationships both started going downhill because of my snoring. We would end up in seperate rooms and problems would snowball from there. I have had to leave my daughter to her own devices on many many afternoons while I napped. Then I would be in bed again at 10 and sleep all night. I have to admit it has taken me a while to get used to having the mouthpiece in at night. At first I just had it in prior to sleep, while reading etc. Then i would try to sleep with it in and if I couldn't I would take it out after half an hour. Last night I slept through with it in. I CANNOT believe the energy I had today! I got up and tidied the house, mowed the lawns and then took my daughter for a day out of swimming and touristy things. I was able to drive home without almost falling asleep at the wheel. It is now 8:45pm and I am still conscious! I can see only good things from here. I start a new job on Wednesday (which I worried about staying alert for) and now I am confident I will have the energy to last each day. My only problem now will be remembering that I can make plans for my down time and not to worry about scheduling them around my sleepiness. Thank you SO much.

"First of all I was amazed at how quick your delivery was. I ordered online Tuesday morning and it arrived Wednesday morning! I do not have a sleep partner, but was aware I was not sleeping at all well and waking up tired with a thick head. I had heard of the mandibular options a few years back after I did a sleep test at the hospital. (they said I probably needed surgery, but my cousin had had the surgery and his wife says he now snores just as bad!)I gave up on the dental option because of the $1000 or so cost involved.  The other day I Googled snoring ...and found your site.  I am usually skeptical of advertorials etc but yours sounded genuine and after a bit more searching decided yours looked best. Don't want to get too excited....but this morning I feel fantastic!! Instead of having my eyes glued with sleep and yawning for the first hour constantly, I found I almost danced out of bed today!​

As I say I am quite excited that such a simple answer may be there...I still don't quite believe it! Steve


Best of luck with your business and thank you for having such a wonderfully honest website and extremely useful information. I followed the instructions and am absolutely astounded with how easily the device works. I made sure this was the case by recording my last three night’s sleep. I decided to make a slight adjustment to the device last night which stopped any noises coming from the wild animal (!)

Thank you for providing such a simple, yet so great of a solution to snoring". John

I have one. Excellent bit of kit. Makes a huge difference to your sleep pattern. First time I used it I noticed a marked difference in how I felt in the morning. Much fresher and not so tired. Did take a few goes to get used to it properly though. Found it made my front lower teeth and gums hurt at first guess this was the pressure of pushing your lower jaw forward. I did spit it out a couple of times. I actually recorded myself to see if it worked and hey presto I didn't snore when I used it. Brilliant!!!. Would recommend it to anyone. I will be buying a new one now because my dog has just chewed the only one I have. GRRRRRRRRR!!.   Rod

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