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How does it work?

A Mandibular Advancement Device (or splint) is quite simply a mouthguard that is worn during sleep to hold the lower jaw very slightly forward and stable.  The act of moving the lower jaw slightly forward actually moves the tongue muscle forward also and this simple mechanical principle prevents the tongue from dropping back to block or vibrate on the airways.

MADs have been custom fitted for decades by dentists and some sleep clinics at great expense. The difference with this device is the fact that they are manufactured from a  BPA-free thermoplastic which you mold yourself by following simple, precise instructions.

MAD's are suitable for most of the population, though do contact me first if you feel you have a pronounced overbite, underbite, quite a few teeth missing or something a little different about your bite than the average population. MADs are suitable for use with secure dentures too! If I feel the device is not suitable I will let you know as I don't believe in giving false hope.  Since I spend a lot of time helping people, please note my business model does not allow me to offer the guarantee to people for undisclosed issues which make the results variable.

Simple to fit and discreet to use.​

17 seconds in recently boiled water gives you the optimum mouldability to achieve best fit and comfort.  Some products claim to work with no fitting but if this were true, then dentists and sleep apnoea clinics would be selling that type of product!  A correct impression and moulding to your mouth is imperative to accommodate the slight variations of 'bite' from person to person. I am happy to chat and assist with any molding issues 7 days a week.  Try it now - drop me a line on the contact form below! Or click Questions for more info!

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Will it work for you?  Try this simple test...first lie down on your back and make a snoring noise - ensuring you are 'snoring' through the mouth rather than snorting through the nose...then....... move your lower jaw slightly forward and now try to make a snoring noise again. You should either not be able to make the noise or you would find it greatly reduced.  Try again with the jaw a little further forward and you should hear (and feel) a marked improvement.

Please contact me if you have any tricky issues that may impact the success of your outcome.  i.e. severe OSA, pronounced overbite or underbite, lack of teeth etc.

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Unmoulded guard

Well moulded guard


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